Label Application Machine(LV/LB/LE/LG)

All Kind of Wrapping Film / Color Label / Auto. Wrapping Machines & Sleeving Machines

Our packaging specialists will provide you the most efficient and energy-saving packaging system for your products.
All specifications, design and characteristics shown on this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.


This precision piece of packaging equipment has all of the expert features of its brother unit, the , tailored to fit more challenging tasks. With the series-standard alloy knife and temperature-control systems, you can expect the same quality shrink wrapping results as before, but now applied to irregularly shaped and larger objects.


Our most versatile label applicator , the LE-100 adds both tamper evident seals and color labels to your products, regardless of dimension. Ideal for general labeling needs, this one piece of packaging equipment can be adjusted in less than ten minutes to quickly switch to a different task, meaning that adding tamper evident labels to your whole line of bottled products is as easy as one small adjustment to your flexible label applicator.


Benison series label applicators make adding shrink sleeves to your products easy and inexpensive. Shrink sleeves give your product a slick, professional and modern look, while our full-color labels ensure your brand always looks its best. Best of all, every label applicator is capable of applying tamper evident seals, leaving your products safe and secure throughout their entire retail lives.


Our L-Type Series Sealer is ideal for shrink wrapping thin and small objects. This piece of packaging equipment features a thermo-controlled alloy knife that eliminates harmful gases caused by burning shrink wrapping materials, as well as a fine-tuned temperature control system to ensure the best sealing line possible. Our newest model sets a gold standard among shrink wrapping machines for neatness and safety, with both the discharge and shrink adjustment processes now fully automated.