New technology is changing periodically. People are having the high criterion and strict attitude toward consumable products. How to attract consumers to buy your product? The look of the packaging is a critical issue. It will not only show the value of the product but also catch the buyer, so it’s a very important factor to make perfect safe artistic and nice outer packaging for your product.

Benison and Company Limited has been established since 1962. We are the specialist for shrink packaging machinery and material. Our business started from very simple seamless shrink sleeve. Until now, Benison has developed two major items of business. One is shrink wrapping another is shrinks leaving. In 2011, we added new items to our product line. They are Cartoning Machine, Inkjet printer, sticker labeler, over wrapping machine, etc.

In terms of shrink wrapping products, we have materials including POF, PP, PE, and PVC and machinery such as L-bar sealer, side sealer, bundle wrapper and horizontal flow wrapper., As for shrink sleeping products, we have materials including PET, OPS, PLA and PVC, and printed labels of Tamper Band, body label, Anti-fake label, Promotional label and high ray-blocking opaque print, etc.

We also have machinery such as CH/CP Temper Band applicator and Label Applicators of Simple LE model, Economic LG model, High-speed LV model, and super high-speed LS model.

In terms of non-shrieking packaging machinery, we have Cartoning machine, Ink jet printer, Sticker Labeler, Overwrapping machine, etc.

We have not only developed new products and technology, we have also strived to achieve consistence of service and quality.

Benison has been ISO-9000 certified since 1997 and received CE certification for shrink wrapping and shrinks leaving machinery.

We work hard to strengthen our relationship with clients.

We provide all clients the best service and support.

We also hold 3 technical seminars annually in northern, central and southern Taiwan to boost the interchange of new technology and packaging ideas with our clients.

Facing the environmental protection issue, people are concerned much more than before, so Benison has developed new eco-material since 1995 as well.

We have accumulated rich manufacturing and converting experience and eco-material and share it with our clients via technical seminars, publishing the Technology Journal, and exchanging the latest information.

We do believe that stable employment and reliable suppliers can keep the company growing steadily.

Benison holds gains every 1st of May and has a year-end party for all company members, their families and suppliers, trying to get them all together for the enjoyment of great meals, and praising hard-working staff.

The headquarters of Benison and Company Limited is located in Taipei city.

There are general administration department, sales department and other work units.

The Taoyuan plant number one has been established since 1990.

It specializes in film converting.

It has a complete system of art design, modification, as well as label printing and converting machines.

The printing machines have nine color printing capability, Taoyuan plant number one has storage facilities for materials and finished products.

The Kaohsiung plant was built in 1995 for manufacturing of film.

We set up Taoyuan plant number two in 2004 for researching, designed, assembly and manufacturing of machinery.

It was enlarged from the Machinery Manufacturing unit.

There are three major assembly items for Shrink Sleeving, Shrink Wrapping and Cartoning machinery.

Benison Philippines has been set up since 1995.

Its major business is to design and assemble Shrink Wrapping machinery.

Besides the local market, Benison Philippines also supports sales and production at the Taiwan headquarters.

We built Benison Shanghai in 2001.

It’s for assembly, manufacturing and sales of machinery and parts converting as well as packaging material.

The Thailand plant was established in 2005 selling shrink packaging machines and material to neighboring countries

Benison always works hard to develop new markets.

Our global sales and service network covers every corner of the world.

Our distributors are located worldwide in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

The words from the chairman

When we run our business, we keep in mind how to help clients increase the value of their products and create more business opportunities.

Benison & Company Limited has more than 50 years of history.

We came from a very small family business.

Now, we have become a business family.

We have faith in earnestness, confidence and perseverance to manage the enterprise with the efforts of all our employees.

We are dancing towards sustainable development.

During the past 50 years, we overcame lots of difficulties and achieved many milestones.

All of them showed how we worked hard to develop this business family.

We received a Little Giant Award.

From the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, and encouragement from different associations and units who praise and admire our outstanding managerial skills.

Benison has tried to develop new products and technologies step by step.

We are also doing our best to improve cost efficiency and work quality.

We cooperate with other industries to keep a multi-pronged business strategy and expand sales channels to make Benison the best choice of customers in packaging industry, and strive to accumulate energy and opportunity for sustainable development.

As technology changes rapidly day-by-day, Benison has gradually become a Specialist in various packaging business instead of only heat shrink packaging, We provide full-service with professional consultation to give packaging solutions to all our clients, Benison wants to be a packaging consultant for clients and the first choice to meet your packaging requirements,

Benison is your best partner always.

Benison the specialist of packaging machines and materials.